How an internet marketer is like a MMA fighter

If you know anything about both MMA and internet marketing then you can probably see where I’m going with this already. If not, well then you’re in for a treat.

Since you’re reading my blog I can assume that you have a t least a passing familiarity with the varied aspects of internet marketing, but I can’t assume that about MMA, so here’s a real quick rundown on MMA.

MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts. It’s a combat sport (like boxing, jiu jiutsu, wrestling, etc) that takes the best aspects of various types of martial arts and mixes them together (hence the name). All the best MMA fighters use elements of Muay Thai, wrestling, boxing, jiu jiutsu, kick boxing, judo, and any other martial arts they or their trainer know.

This mixture of fighting techniques makes them a formidable opposition on the ground or standing up and able to defend or attack from any position. Good MMA fighters train their bodies to the extreme and are able to dominate any opposition in the ring.

It’s no different than any other type of combat competition. There are rules for the safety of the fighters (there have been zero MMA related deaths because of these strict rules compared to many each year in boxing and football), and their goal is to incapacitate the other fighter to show the dominance of their skill.

It’s a lot more than two people in a ring beating the snot out of each other. That’s a “tough man” competition. In MMA there is real skill, thought, and dedication involved.

Now, how is that like internet marketing?

Well lets look at the current landscape of internet marketing and see how we can draw the comparison.

Current REAL internet marketers (not the fake I’ll sell you my IM system if you sell me yours spam seen everywhere) have to possess a range of skills. SEO, SEM (PPC), social media, email, media buys, content marketing, networking, etc. Not to mention the knowledge of current and emerging technology.

The well rounded internet marketer knows how to utilize each and how they all play together. They know what role SEO plays in social media, email, PPC, online press releases, and content marketing. They know how email can bolster your social media efforts and vice versa.

Mixing the disciplines together under the unified banner of Internet Marketing.

A good internet marketer will be on top of the companies SEO and know how it plays into social media, content creation, and PPC.

An MMA expert will know how to stop a take down by being a take down expert and know how to follow it up with an uppercut that wins the fight.

Skilled internet marketers will know how optimized landing pages help conversion for PPC and media buys. How they work with email, content marketing, are the perfect internal links for blog posts, and great for sending out via social outposts.

MMA champs can move the fight from a standing game to a ground game with no trouble. Setup their opponent by letting them attempt a submission just to pull one off of their own that the other guy never saw coming.

I’ve been saying for a while now that integration is the key to social media success, but that’s not where it stops. Integrating all of your internet marketing (and offline marketing) efforts is going to be the key to future success.

Tomorrows best internet marketers will be less like one-dimensional boxing pro’s and more like multi-dimensional MMA champs.

Questions, comments, thoughts, or musings? Put them in the comments below.

Thanks for reading,
Josh “Shua” Peters

Learning from failure

This weekend was supposed to be another SMAC Social Media workshop, but I was unable to get enough people signed up for it. Unlike last time, it wasn’t a great success.

Now like with anything else there are two ways of looking at this. #1 would be to try and forget it happened and continue with life. #2 would be to look at failure as an event, take the feedback I got and build a better workshop.


  • 2 days is just too long – This was a common email I got recently. I guess 2 days is quite a bit much for most people so I’m going to look at how I can lessen that and still retain value & info.
  • Weekends might be better – I don’t know if that’s true for everyone, but I had several requests for a saturday workshop instead of a Thurs / Fri
  • Price – Too expensive. I offered some discount codes to readers of my blog and the SMCSLC, but I guess that wasn’t enough. I don’t know how much to budge, but it’s worth a look

Like most people, I don’t like when something doesn’t go my way, or when something doesn’t play out like I want it to. The only way to truly be defeated by a failure is to not learn anything from it, and I refuse (as should you) to ever be truly defeated by anything.


What do you think? What would you like to see in a social media workshop? Are there certain topics, teaching styles, info, etc that you would find more useful than others?

I’d love to hear more feedback in the comments below.

Thanks for reading,
Josh “Shua” Peters

Integrating Social Media with Online Marketing

The third part of this Social Media integration series, Integrating Social Media with Online Marketing,  is posted up at the Utah Pulse on the Social Media Minute. Check it out and I’d love to hear what you think.

Part 1. Integrating your social media marketing
Part 2. Integrating Social Media with Offline Marketing
Part 3. Integrating Social Media with Online Marketing

Thanks for reading,

Josh “Shua” Peters

Integrating Social Media with Offline Marketing

The second part to Monday’s post Integrating your social media marketing is now up at the SMCSLC’s blog. Check it out: Integrating Social Media with Offline Marketing

Part 1. Integrating your social media marketing
Part 2. Integrating Social Media with Offline Marketing
Part 3. Integrating Social Media with Online Marketing

Thanks for reading,
Josh “Shua” Peters

How can multiple people use one Twitter account?

Well in a word Cotweet. In multiple words it would be that there are several services available like Cotweet, TweetFunnel, Hootsuite, and Splitweet which can help you achieve the goal of multiple users, one account.

So that takes care of technology, but that’s always the easy part. The hard part is figuring out exactly how, who, when, and why.

The first thing you need to figure out is who is tweeting and why. If you have 2, 3, or more people who are going to be using the account it helps to look at why.

Are they tweeting because they absolutely need to? Is it going to enhance their job or make the task easier to manage? Are they tweeting just because they want to, but really have to business doing it?

Figure this out ahead of time to eliminate any potential problems with this down the road. It also helps to know who and why so that you can create a unified voice. You may have 3 people using the account, but you want it to feel like only one.

I’m not saying cover it up that there are multiples, in fact do the opposite and let people know multiple people use it (like Toyota does), but try to keep the voice of the account unified.

When it gets down to the how and when I see there being 2 basic ways to break this problem down.

Break it up by time slots – Figure out a schedule where everyone involved gets their turn. Maybe switch off days, or partial days. Look at the schedules of those involved and see what makes sense.

Break it up by duties – Instead of stating “you are in charge of it on Mon & Wed, you have Tues & wed, etc” figure out tasks those involved are best suited for. For instance have one person finding relevant content to tweet & schedule it, have one monitoring the brand mentions and handling those, have another handling @,dm, & general chatter.

When looking at it you need to find the method that makes the most sense for you, makes the best use of your resources, and helps  accomplish your goals.

Any tips, ideas, suggestions, or stories that have worked for you?

Thanks for reading,
Josh “Shua” Peters

February Social Media Training Classes & Discount Codes

Q: What’s bigger this year than last year?

A: Social media

It’s true. It’s growing like wild fire and catching on quickly. Marketing budgets are increasing in their spend on social media, jobs are opening up in social media and there is more and more innovation and growth in these areas daily.

There is literally a mountain of information out there about social media and theory, application, optimization, ROI, etc. Honestly, it can seem daunting at times and often you don’t know where to start. That’s why I put together these workshops.

Social Media Strategy Workshop Update – This one is getting moved
The first workshop, Social Media Strategy Workshop,  will take place on February 12, and it’s all about social media strategy. Building, creating, and utilizing a social media strategy, along with some different ways to look at some of the popular tools currently out there.

We’re going to start at the beginning and work through creating a social media strategy that you can take home and work on or implement once you leave. In the workshop we’re going to cover the social media GLAM that makes up a strategy

Goals: Learn how to identify your goals and make them work with your business instead of against.

Listening: How to setup listening posts and utilize the data in your strategy.

Actions: The tactics you employ and how they relate to the strategy is critical.

Measurement: What you measure will depend on your goals and enhance the strategy.

The goal of this workshop is to have you leave with a good frame work for your social media strategy

Social Media 101 Workshop
This workshop, Social Media 101 Workshop,  takes place 2 weeks later on February 25th & 26th and is perfect if you’re a beginner, novice, or just want to round out your knowledge a bit more when it comes to social media.

Here we’re going to cover the most popular tools, their application for business, and some of the theory, best practices, and more. If you want to see the whole itinerary visit the event page.

Testimonials & a discount code
Everyone talks up a storm about their own products, and rightfully so. If we didn’t believe in them we wouldn’t do them (usually), so here’s a few of my previous students telling you what they think in their own words. Discount located after the videos.


(Sorry that last one broke over the frame, something weird with the formatting)

So what do you think? Pumped and ready to come? I’m pumped and ready to teach it, so here’s the deal, I have a discount code for you and all I ask of you is to help spread the word, beg your boss, tell someone else who might be interested, or pawn your child to come (okay not really on the last one… that’s illegal).

Social Media Strategy Workshop – SmacShua – $50 off! – This one is getting moved, will update with new date ASAP

Social Media 101 Workshop (Feb 25 & 26) – SmacShua – $100 off!

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you there!
Josh “Shua” Peters

Feb social media training referral program

On February 25th & 26th I’m doing a social media 101 workshop. The class only has 10 seats available, and I really want to sell out each seat, so here’s the deal. I will pay you (my local SLC network) to help me fill these classes.

If you refer one person who signs up I’ll give you a  signed copy of TwittFaced.

If you refer two people who sign up I’ll buy your way into the Chris Brogan / Mitch Joel event that will be happening here in SLC later this year.

If you refer three people who sign up I’ll give you a free pass to any one of my other training events (including the ones coming up in Feb).

So how does that sound to you?  Sound like something you want to help me out with?

Thanks for reading,
Josh ” Shua” Peters

p.s. If you’re not from SLC I’m sorry, but I’m working on doing more trainings in different states later in the year.

p.p.s The one on Feb 12th is getting moved for a good reason.

Feb 12th event moved

I just found out that on Feb 12th there is a major event set to happen in SLC with a major speaker and not only can I not compete with the event, I want to go to his event. It hasn’t been announced yet but after being contacted by the person coordinating the event it’s a great idea to change the day of the Social Media Strategy workshop.

Anyone who signed up will be refunded and I’ll get the new sate squared away ASAP. The event that’s happening on Feb 12th is going to be awesome and I’m sure when it’s announced you wouldn’t want to be a workshop that day either.

Thanks for reading
Josh “Shua” Peters

So this is what you people think of me?

This is a list of words that YOU have used to describe me. These are words that as far as the Internet knows are what I’m associated with, what I’m known for, and what I’m all about… pretty neat huh? (if you want to see it in full sized glory just click on it, it’s much bigger than the thumbnail).

I created this by first going to my twitter lists and copying all the lists I’m on to a notepad file (40) and stripping everything from them except the list name (which won’t take much time at all thanks to Rick’s awesome excel walk through below).

Next I went to Wordle and dumped the list of words in and created the awesomeness you see above.

Besides being nice to look at what’s the point of doing something like this?

Online Reputation Management

What are you all about? How are people perceiving you? Ware you putting out the right vibe, talking about the right things, being known for what you want to be known for?

Lets say you did this little experiment and you wanted to be known for your charity work, or non profit work but when you looked at the list terms like comic books, art, or goofy came up more than your others. What would that mean to you?

It would suggest you’re not talking enough (or at all) about what you think / want to. It could mean that you’ve drawn the wrong followers for what you hope to achieve on Twitter. It could also mean nothing at all. You’d have to ultimately be the judge of that.

So here’s your homework. Take a few minutes and go make one of these, then come back and put the link to it in the comments below to share with everyone else.

OR share it via Twitter and use the tag #WordleShare

Can’t wait to see ‘em,
Josh “Shua” Peters

p.s. This wasn’t completely original idea, but I don’t know where it came from. I know I either read something, or heard someone talking about something similar to this so if you know who might have beat me to the punch on this please let me know so I can give credit.

Putting your social media pieces together


Recently I did 4 posts about the 4 basic types of marketing campaigns and some advice for using social media in them. So far we’ve covered:

1. Social Media for Lead Generation and Acquisition
Using Social Media in an Awareness Campaign
3. Using Social Media in a Brand Marketing Campaign
4. Using social media in a Loyalty Campaign

Hopefully at this point you can see how versatile and powerful social media is. At it’s core social media is a set of tools that help to promote sharing and encourage conversation. If you were to compare social media to a tool it would have to be a swiss army knife or leatherman. A single tool that is comprised of many other tools.

When looking at these tools and how they can be used in all of your business activities it’s easy to see how quickly things can get muddled with using Twitter, Facebook, the blog, etc for all four purposes. You might quickly shift gears from one type of use to another very quickly and looking at it might become a bit of a nightmare to measure. This is where segmenting your strategies might be of some use.

If you have a PR department, marketing department, branding department, etc then creating separate accounts for each might be necessary. You can then have various departments in charge of certain types of campaigns and break up the usage and strategies. If you’re a smaller company and segmenting your accounts doesn’t make sense then you have options there as well.

Using tools like Co-Tweet you can have multiple people using a single account and they can be in charge of various campaigns and aspects depending on what makes sense for your business. Then you will be able to monitor how much time was spent and apply it to your success metrics to determine if the time was well spent.

In Facebook you can have multiple admins of the fan page and have different people working with different aspects of the page and the uses for the campaign. By using multiple admins you can break up the work and have people who specialize in certain aspects use their talents where they best fit.

For the blog it’s pretty easy to have multiple authors who craft posts. Have links for lead generation in your side bar, links to more information and reviews, promotions, give aways, etc. Make sure to also promote your other social media outposts from your blog, and try to integrate everything as much as possible.

When using these tools and platforms the key is integration into your daily activities and integrating them with your normal flow of business and marketing. This is how you will achieve the best results and next time I’m going to give you a few tips for integrating social media into your other business and marketing activities.

Questions? Comments? Related links and articles you’ve seen? Love to see them in the comments.

Thanks for reading,
Josh “Shua” Peters