I’m writing a book on social media. That’s right, me and Jacob Morgan (my co-author on Social Media for Authors) got a book deal and are now writing a guide to social media. That’s why I’ve been a bit pre-occupied and haven’t been as active on Twitter, my blog or other places. In fact we got the book deal via Twitter because of our free eBook that we put out.

I can’t give out the name of the book yet (see update below), but it’s coming, and all thanks to Twitter. I feel it’s incredibly appropriate that a book about social media is being created because of social media. As the book spread through Twitter the ever awesome Scott Stratten tweeted about the book and one of his followers is Brandon Haskins who works for Clay Bridges publishing. In a nutshell that’s how it happened. There are plenty of other steps and things that happened but in it’s simplest form that’s the story.

So now me and Jacob are on a time crunch to get the book done and ready for the fall release schedule. I’ll have more updated coming and news about the book and once we can release the name of the book I’ll be doing that as well. Thank you everyone who helped tweet the link to the book and who has helped me along the way. As Jacob said in his post we are going to be reaching out to many people in socially active fields and in advance we apprecaite your help. I’m excited about writing a book and seeing it in print form down at the old Barnes and Noble. 

UPDATE: The Book will be called TwittFaced! Look forward to some promotions and such surrounding it and win yourself a free signed copy!

Thanks for reading,


image by Nate Steiner