Josh Peters, Social Media Consultant and Author.

Hello! My name is Josh “Shua” Peters and I’m a horror movie loving, punk rock listening, fine whiskey sipping,  social media consultant and author. I help companies realize the power of social media and not only apply it to their business, but integrate it into their current marketing and advertising.

In addition to consulting, training, coaching, and speaking about social media, I co-authored the book Twittfaced (Your Toolkit for Understanding and Maximizing Social Media). This book is a must read for beginners, students, and business owners a like, and I’m not just saying that because I like getting royalty checks. It’s because I believe my co-author, Jacob Morgan, and I filled it with great tips, tricks, strategies, and information.

Other than here on my blog I guest post on Mashable and I’m always looking for more guest post opportunities. If you’re interested in having me do a guest post please check out my guest blogging page to see the kind of stuff I blog about on other sites.

If you have any questions please check out my LinkedIn profile, email me at shua (at) shuaism.com

Horror movies, art, music, comic books, and fine whiskey are the other things I’m passionate about. Besides being a haunted house aficionado and an appreciator of everything from fine art to modern and public art I run a blog called The Whiskey Jug. My favorite magazine is Juxtapoze and think the works of people like Esao Andrews, Tara McPhearson, and Swoon are more amazing than words.

My music tastes run a bit wide, but keep rather close to old school punk, rock, metal and indie. My favorite genre of comics are the indie horror and indie life based comics, but I have been known to pick up a capes and tights mag or 10.

Hope this has sated your need to know more about me. If not, look at one of the interviews below, send me an email, or track me down on one of the profiles at the bottom.


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