As previously mentioned, I’m looking for a new employment opportunity, and as such I have been applying everywhere around the LA / Monrovia, CA area. During this search I have seen some of the most awful, lengthy, horrendous methods of applying for anything. I have filled out job profiles on corporate websites that have taken 45+ minutes and I was surprised they didn’t ask for a DNA sample to go with it.

There have been very few application processes that have been done even close to the way I think they should be done, and none have been done the exact way I think they should… till I found Netflix’s. Take a look at the screen capture above, notice how simple it is and how compact the info.

Resume, LinkedIn, name, and contact info. That’s it. What more do you really need these days? LinkedIn is basically a living resume with lists of your references, employers, accomplishments, other profiles, etc. More companies should look at this approach and take note.

After spending many many many hours looking, applying, and trying to find something new I can say that LinkedIn is completely underused. In fact, only 1 other application has asked me for my LinkedIn account yet. Which doesn’t make any sense to me. If you wanted to streamline your process, why wouldn’t you just want it glean all your info from one source instead of dealing with thousands of resumes in thousands of different formats?

It’s nice to see some companies working to get their HR, and application process in line with how things are changing online, but from my current experience I can tell you it’s still a far way from where it should be.

What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks for reading,
Josh “Shua” Peters