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Social media & internet marketing, consulting, coaching, training, and strategizing is what I do. If you know what you’re looking for and how I can help you please send an email to Josh @ ShuaConsulting (.)  Com*. If you’d like to learn more or are curious about what I do and how I can help you please continue reading below.

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Social Media

Social Media can connect brands to consumers, people to people, and helps create relationships between individuals in increasingly new ways. If your company is interested in social media or you’re here because you’ve heard it mentioned, seen people write about, and you’re wanting to know more you probably have some questions like:

  • What is social media?
  • Why is everyone getting so excited about it?
  • How can it help my business?
  • Can it really create better relationships with my customers?

As a social media consultant (based in Salt Lake City, Utah) I offer a variety of services to fit your need. Whether it’s helping your company develop a strategy to fit your goals or training and workshops for employees and execs I can create a package just for you and your needs.

I’ve been deeply involved in the study of social media for several years, and worked on social media plans, audits, and analysis for large fortune 500 companies like Syamtec to small local businesses. For references please check out my LinkedIn profile or see the last section of this page.

The first hour of consulting is always free and for all projects, presentations, and workshops within 30 miles of Salt Lake Valley there is no travel charge. Distances greater than 30 miles will have some travel fees associate. Of course anything done online or via phone will not have travel fees. If you have any questions please email Josh @ ShuaConsulting (.)  Com.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing covers a broad range of strategies and methods that include (but are not limited to):

  • PPC
  • SEO / SEM
  • Email
  • Mixed and integrated strategies
  • Blogging
  • SEO optimized press releases
  • Online media buying and advertising

Through carefully planned and monitored internet marketing strategies your message can be targeted and spread to the people you’re trying to reach. Whether you need someone to create the strategies and run the campaigns or need a consultant with a fresh pair of eyes to help optimize your current strategies or campaigns I can help. If you have any questions please email Josh @ ShuaConsulting (.)  Com.

Client Testimonials


For  Symantec I worked with and managed the social media activities for several of the incubator projects. The goals were varied as were the strategies.

“Josh has an indepth understanding of the social media market and helped us to develop a great strategy to penetrate the market. His knowledge and skill made him a great member of the team. He helped us to bring a new idea in cloud computing to market and lead the social marketing and media effort for Symantec.”
-Laurie Probst Sr.Director Marketing Communications as Sytantec Corporation


Created a multi phase strategy covering this multi-faceted company. Details are not available per the companies wishes, but the experiance has given me great confidence in working with large companies and multiple customer facing and internal departments.

“Josh is not only an extremely talented person with regards to social media but his enthusiasm is unmatched. I highly recommend him for any company looking for a skilled marketer who understands the latest trends and technology.”
– Alan Seidman Web Lead Manager, Qwest Communications

Davinci Virtual

With Davinci the focus was to audit and optimize their current social media campaign. The result was saving the company $48,000 in wasted money and redirecting funds to more beneficial services.


While working with RoyalAnts I have researched, participated in, disected, and analyzed over 50 social networks. Each one has been broken down into key componenets, catelogued in an internal wiki, and a potential marketing strategy created for each. I have worked with other memebers of the team to create monetization, user engagement, and feature release strategies on top of both the offline and online marketing strategies.

“I’ve worked with Josh extensively on a side project that has been 2 years in the making. During that time he has proved to be a vital source of knowledge for our team by being able to analyze and synthesize a great deal of market knowledge, which has enabled us to make smart decisions in regards to the direction we want the project to go. He knows social media better than anyone else I’ve come into contact with.”
– Adam Welling, Director of User Experience, RoyalAnts LLC

“Josh has been an invaluable resource in understanding the web. His wealth of knowledge on how the internet works, specifically the social web and related media has proven a welcome asset to our business endeavors. With a wealth of research and practical advice under his belt, he is well equipped to be part of the future of the web. The amount of research I’ve seen come from Josh in the last few years is staggering. I’ve never seen someone start with just a small glint of interest and turn it into a natural talent and full, complete understanding, ready to challenge and contribute to the ideas some of the well known pioneers in social media have already established. His keen aptitude towards technology puts him ahead of more established, but less savvy social media pundits. He is one of the few people I’ve met who truly understand the web, the social impact, and business relevance. His ideas and theories are unique, fascinating and exciting in the sense that he can make big business and the internet user connected in a positive way. Take heed in Josh’s guidance and advice, and listen; he will expound invaluable revalations and information about the current state and future of the web: social media.”
– Kent Smith Software Engineer, RoyalAnts LLC.

Mark Jensen Enterprises

Mark Jensen is the owner of several commerce based initiatives that cover everything from online coffee distributorships to ebay stores. The focus here was on SEO, data management, exposure via social media, and education on tools and tactics.

“We all know that Josh is an expert in Social Media. More importantly Josh is a great team player with an uncanny ability to lead, motivate, and get projects across the finish line. I feel fortunate to brainstorm and converse with Josh at every opportunity and would recommend him to anyone and everyone.”
– Mark Jensen

Thank you,
Josh “Shua” Peters