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It’s all so confusing, to know what’s out there, how to get the information, how to apply it and how to make it work. Social media is changing the way we interact online and how consumers are getting their information and even where they are getting it from. Whether or not you are aware of it, people are talking about your brand online, and discussing it’s merits and downfalls, wouldn’t it be great to be a part of that conversation?

Social Media connects brands to people and creates relationships between individuals in increasingly new ways. If your company is interested in social media or you’re here because you’ve heard it mentioned and you’re wanting to know more you probably have some questions like:

  • What is social media?
  • Why is everyone getting so excited about it?
  • How can it help my business?
  • Can it really cut my marketing costs?
  • Can it really create better relationships with my customers?
  • How can it help my bottom line?

As a social media consultant in Salt Lake City, Utah I offer the following services to answer those questions and build a strategy with your company.

  • Immersion lessons for C class execs and VP’s
  • Education and assistance for any / all employees
  • Creation of best methods and practices in line with corporate vision, mission, and strategy
  • Social media workshops and seminars for your company
  • Audit of current methods and efforts with strategic restructuring if needed
  • Creation and adoption of social media marketing methods
  • Creating listening methods for ORM (Online Reputation Management)
  • Long term and short term project consulting.
  • Customer service, sales, and tech support inclusion in social media
  • Analysis and creation of a social media plan in line with corporate vision, mission, and strategy
  • SEO advice, analysis and website audit

I”ve been deeply involved in the study of social media for several years, and I’ve worked on social media plans, audits, and analysis for companies as large as Qwest (10,000+ employees), to midsized companies like Davinci Virtual, and even a few smaller local businesses.

I’m skilled in the areas of social media, it’s use, theory, and best practices. I’ve written an eBook about social media (with many more to come) and I enjoy teaching others about social media and helping guide their efforts, and I’d love to work with yours. For references please check out my LinkedInprofile.

The first hour of consulting is always free and for all projects or presentations within 50 miles of Salt Lake Valley there is no travel charge. Distances greater than 50 miles and travel to other states do have additional costs so please see the rate sheet I’m about to mention.

For a current rate sheet please email me at Shua (at) and set the subject as rate sheet. For any questions, comments, or additional information please email me at the same address.

Thank you,
Josh “Shua” Peters

p.s. The reason the above email address is formatted like that is to keep advanced spam bots from collecting my email address and filling my inbox with crap.