ZizZazz is a maker of powdered energy supplements that come in a little pouch and you then add them to water or other beverages and help give it a bit more of an energy kick.  So what does this have to do Social Media, Internet Marketing and Online Life? Everything.

I haven’t talked about my use of Tumblr or Posterouson here yet (planned post) but I have been testing them both out to determine which I like most and for what reasons. Currently I’m liking Tumblr more than I am Posterous and on my Tumblr page I have been running something called The Great Energy Shot Experiment and am at day 15.

In this little experiment of mine I have been posting up the Nutritional Information of each energy shot I have taken for a comparison and today I absentmindedly threw away the package for my ZizZazz before cateloging the nutrition info, and I talked about that in my post The Great Energy Shot Experiment: Day 15 – ZizZazz.

Within about 20 minutes of sending it out via Twitter I received this tweet from the ZizZazz Twitter account

That’s great! It was absolutely awesome to see that they are obviously listening for mentions of their brand and then following up with it.

I already mentioned in the post that I enjoyed their product (especially when compared to some of the others I’ve had during the experiment), and this was a great little bonus to the experience of their product.

So now here’s the big question. How will that play into my loyalty to the brand?

I don’t like to take these types of things, and have noticed a marked change in my body chemistry and overall self since starting on this journey so I won’t be reaching for any of this stuff on a daily basis ever again. However I will say that being able to talk directly with someone should I have a problem or concern with the product does in fact sway my decision a bit.

Should I hate one of the flavors I can now complain directly to @ZizZazz via Twitter and while they may not be able to do anything about that other than send me a different flavor or coupon for a free one at least I, the consumer, will feel better about my opinion being heard.

I’d like to thank ZizZazz for responding and being willing to help with my situation, and I applaud them for listening to what people are saying.

Have you had a similar experience? Received more than you expected from a brand while using social technologies? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

Thanks for reading,