TwittFaced, The book that Jacob and I have been slaving away over, is finally available for pre-order on Barns & Noble online. It’s really exciting seeing something you’ve put so much effort into coming to life. When I was in junior high I flirted with the idea of being an author and it’s been on my list of life goals for a long time,but very towards the bottom, but now i get to cross it off.

TwittFaced is a guide to social media that covers tools, tips, basic strategy, ROI, and have walk throughs, in depth information, and network descriptions to help individuals, professionals, small biz, mid sized biz, large corporations, and anyone else understand and make the most of their social media use. We even have a section on basic SEO for your blog so you can take the advice we give and make the most of it.

We wanted to create a practical guide book that can be used by anyone, any company, any size. We’ll be giving away some signed copies as promotions and doing some other stuff with it too so watch out for that here or on the books website (coming very very soon). I’ll also be setting up a FaceBook fan page for it this weekend for contest and community purposes. So if you’d like to know when that shows up and we haven’t connected on FaceBook yet, now would be a great time. My FaceBook Profile

I can’t wait to see what you think of it.

Thanks for reading (and pre-ordering),

p.s. It says image unavailable because on the pre-order because it takes a wee bit o’ time for the image to be approved and such on B&N