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Shuaism Has Moved To JoshSPeters

Shuaism Has Moved To JoshSPeters

Well howdy there pardner. Looks like the page yer lookin’ fer ain’t here. That’s a shame, but if you check out the links below we’ll have ya on yer way in a jiff!


ATTENTION: Shuaism has moved from the country to the big city and now calls ‘imself Josh S Peters so if’n you have any of them fancy bookmarks I’d be much obliged if you’d update ’em with the new address.


5 Great Posts From that city slicker Josh S Peters

1. HOW TO: Move a WordPress Blog From One Domain To Another
2. All of Seth Godin’s Free eBooks in One Place
3. 50+ Ways To Search Twitter
4. HOW TO: Optimize Your Social Media Marketing Strategy
5. The Half-Assed Guide To Brand Awareness



FREE BONUS: Social Media Manager Guidebook from the Business Tooligans (Disclaimer, I’m a speaker in their SMM seriesalong with David Meerman Scott, Jason Falls,  Trey Pennington and 19 others)