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My first week at The Search Agency pt 1

The Search AgencySo here it is. The end of solo work and the beginning of a new chapter in my career. It’s exciting and a little bit scary too because now there’s more at stake when it comes to client interactions. Success or failure no long just affects me and my client, it now affects an entire company full of people.

A little over a week ago I accepted a position as Manager, Social Media at The Search Agency, and while the last week I was employed here it was filled with paper work, company training, welcome week events, etc. This is the first week here where I’ll be working on clients the whole time so it’s what I consider my real first week.


About The Search Agency

TSA is an internet marketing agency that is deeply rooted in SEO, PPC, and online display marketing. They have worked with a host of extremely well known companies (I don’t know which ones I can list yet since it’s my first week) with several amazing ones in the pipe I’m looking forward to working with.

They have a proprietary suite of tools they have created over the years that produce some of the most amazing and insightful data I’ve even seen in my years of internet marketing. This is one area where I feel they dominate many others is in the technology they have spent 100′s of hours and who knows how much money creating all for the benefit of them and their clients.

Their company motto is “There’s Always A Better Way” and I find that amazing. It represents a company that never gets comfortable and is always evolving (like adding a social media division…). They also have a host of awards and certifications to their name.


What I’ll be doing there

My job description at TSA is a little open ended right now. I get to help really define it and help create what it means to have a social media arm inside the company.  However, as it’s defined right now I’ll be doing:

  • Social media analysis and strategy for clients and TSA
  • Social media training and coaching both for clients and internally
  • Building content and grow the online presence of TSA


I’m quite excited about this new opportunity. The company has an amazing culture (something Jay & Amber talk a ton about in NOW Revolution) which is one of the main factors that swayed me from other job offers with 1/2 the commute this one has (1.5 – 2 hours one way via car 2 – 2.5 via bus).

If you’d like to find out more about TSA checkout their Site, blog, or follow them on Twitter.  You’ll be seeing my name on all of these in the coming weeks.

Thanks for Reading,
Josh “Shua” Peters

P.S. Check out my new office and my post on New Mix Marketing today about Being A Lighthouse

My Office At The Search Agency

My Office At The Search Agency

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  • http://ariherzog.com Ari Herzog

    Haven’t been to your blog in a while, so catching up on the now old news of you leaving the world of working for yourself and for someone else. Belated congrats!

    Why’d you make this momentous decision? Had you written your thoughts about this, too, if I scroll back a few weeks?

  • http://www.shuaism.com Josh Peters

    Thanks Ari. I did a bit, but not extensively. I made the decisions based on several factors, but so far I’m loving it here. It’s a big opportunity to get some great experience I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else.