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Since Twitter doesn’t give you much to go off of in the area of profiles and information this landing page will go over a bit more. Like who I am, what I do, how I use Twitter, etc. If you just want to get to the blog click the home link on the left.

Who I am & What I do
My name (as you hopefully know by now) is Josh “Shua” Peters. I help companies (and individuals) plan out and utilize social media and internet marketing better. I also do training, workshops, and speaking. I’ve worked with companies as small as single owner businesses to large fortune 500 companies.

I’m also an author. With the help of my stellar co-author, Jacob Morgan, we wrote the book TwittFaced: Your Toolkit for Understanding and Maximizing Social Media..

I have a social media blog named Shuaism (you’re on it right now). It’s named Shuaism because my nick name is Shua (sh-wa), hence Josh “Shua” Peters on everything, and it’s my thoughts and ideas on social media, internet marketing, life online, and such.

I’m a big geek who loves music, food, horror movies, art, the internet, my dogs, and my friends. So you’ll get a dose of that too in my Twitter stream. My entire life isn’t based on just social media and internet marketing, so neither will my Twitter stream.

How I use Twitter
Lets get this straight right off the bat. If you send me an auto-dm that has a link in it or is telling me to go to your blog I will unfollow you ASAP! I see that as incredibly disrespectful and no different than spam in my inbox.

If I look at your Twitter stream and it’s nothing but pages of RT’s, links, and overused quotes with no personal interaction I will not follow you. I want to follow people who interact, but chances are if you run an account like that you’re using automated programs so you’re not reading this anyways.

I often use my own branded link shortener (looks like which is setup through Adjix. But don’t let the name fool you, you won’t be seeing any ads on my tweets. Though you will be seeing some tweets about RadArt. I think art is inspiration in it’s purest form. It helps keep me going everyday and I like sharing that inspiration with you.

I use Twitter as a way to connect, engage, share, and get to know people. It’s a wonderful tool that can be used in a variety of ways. We’re all different and so our usage will be the same way. The key is finding your voice.


About me

My blog’s main page

Shua Consulting

Email: shua (@) shuaism (.) com

Thanks for checking me out and I hope to Tweet with you soon,
Josh “Shua” Peters

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