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The Building Blocks Of Social Media Campaigns

The Building Blocks Of Social Media CampaignsWe all want to be the success story of the year. We all want to be the creators of Will It Blend, Old Spice Guy, etc. but the truth is the chances of it happening are very low. Think about it, there have tens of thousands (if not millions) of people trying to do the same thing everyday. Many of them have great ideas, but then they fail to make a significant impact because they often lack the basics to really start and build on any momentum.

Today on New Mix Marketing I did a post on The Building Blocks Of Social Media Campaigns to help you prep for the big ideas, campaigns, and spends. Do these things and you’ll give yourself a better than average chance of getting your campaign noticed by an audience outside of your initial reach.

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Josh S Peters

It takes 1,000 delicious bookmarks to have a revelation.

I’ve just hit a milestone on Delicious. I’ve just hit my 1,000th bookmark today, and if you want to see what it is cick on this link to see my delicious account.

Why is it important, why is it something worth blogging about? Well because it brings me to the point of this post. I want to ask you, the people who visit this site, your opinion on something I have wrestled with.

Recently I have decided that it’s ok for me to add my own articles to Delicious. I used to think it was just shameless self promotion and that I shouldn’t be doing it, and then I realized that I was getting close to 1,000 saves and so my ratio of self promotion vs promotion of others in this ralm is very small.

There is no magic metric I have found for how much self promotion makes you a ME person, but I think 20 posts in 1,0020 is a low enough ratio.

What say you? How do you feel about putting your own info into social bookmarking sites? Do you feel there is a golden ratio that should be adheared to?

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Josh “Shua” Peters

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