Social Media is about the Human Element

Social Media is about the Human Element

Just like the new chemically fueled commercial states, that good ol’ Hu (as they refer to it on quick little graphic during the beautifully shot marketing stomp) is the main element to social media. It’s why it’ exists, it’s why it continues to grow and it’s without a doubt the most vital part of any social media plan. So here are 5 C’s that will help nurture the Hu of any endeavor.

1. Create – Don’t write your replies (or anything else that your customers are going to interact with on a constant basis) like you are writing a text book. People deal with automatic systems that dispense generic info on a daily basis, don’t add to the mess by creating something that would belong in an IVR when you are trying to connect with someone.

2. Connect – This is so important and is truly why social media exists, to help us connect with each other. However, it’s not just the social aspect that you need to connect on. When it comes to business you need to connect on the same level as your customers. For example, don’t sit and preach about the virtues of your product when they come looking for tech support, meet them at their level. Don’t run out there and PK them with your over abundance of information.

3. Communicate – Don’t speak above or below the level of your customers. People will leave your conversation if it’s too confusing or if they are angry because you are talking down to them. Find the voice of your company based on the audience you are connecting with.

4. Care – When people bring up concerns, worries, ideas, etc don’t just brush them off. Create a way for people to give you feedback and a plan to address that feedback and show your customers you care about them and their opinions.

5. Cultivate – Once you have a relationship with a group of people or even just a single person you need to cultivate that relationship through dynamic conversation, follow up, and interaction. If you make a friend and stop calling them they soon think you don’t care because you won’t communicate with them and they stop being your friend, real world concepts apply greatly to many aspects of social media.

These should all make sense to you, but if they don’t then spend some time on MySpace or FaceBook and try reaching out to someone you don’t know and make that connection. See how they react when you talk to them and experience making that organic connection based on mutual likes (or dislikes) and see how people respond to genuine honest answers.

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