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Klout is giving away free stuff

Franklin And Bash KloutKlout has been giving away free stuff for a while now, but it seems to have really amped up lately. In just the last couple weeks I’ve revived a free download of an Indie film I haven’t finished (wasn’t very good), a leather bound folder for Franklin and Bash, and a really awesome survival kit promoting Falling Skies.

The Franklin and Bash kit came with the folder pictured here (which I’m using at work right now) and a copy of the first 2 episodes on DVD. After watching it my first thought was “It’s good to see Zack Morris doing something with his life. I’m sure Mr.Belding would be proud”. Which was followed by “OH! That’s the nervous guy from Road Trip“.

Decent show, but not really my thing and since it’s not on Hulu I won’t be watching it. I don’t have cable. On purpose.

When I moved to CA from UT I cancelled my DirectTv and didn’t sign it back up when I moved into my new place. I realized how much time I was spending just sitting on the couch and it began to bother me so I canceled it. Now all I have is a spare laptop hooked up to my tv with Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, and PSN. Which brings me to the secondary point of this post.

Play to your audience

I think TNT is really hurting themselves by not hosting full episodes on their site or on Hulu. They’re trying to create buzz for a new show and give it a fighting chance. They’ve sent out these great promo packs to people who have been deemed influential online, but everything that was delivered in the pack is for use offline (unless illegal pirating tactics are employed). We can’t host a preview party for our online friends, or share the DVD with them to watch and get them interested.

The mediums are all wrong. TNT wants people who are very active online (which is how you get Klout), live, work, and network online to get excited and involved with an offline product. There is a disconnect between why you selected them and what you want them to do and this will become an increasingly bigger issue every day.

More and more TV’s are getting hooked up to the internet, more people are ditching their cable (I work with several who did it this year), and computers are quickly becoming the device that’s used for everything when it comes to entertainment. If you’re not playing to that as a strength, then it’s one of your weaknesses.

What do you think? Should I stop analyzing the process, just enjoy my free leather binder, and shut the hell up or do you think I have a point? If you’re going to try and leverage online influencers should you be catering to that niche, or should you be asking them to come to you? I want to hear your opinion in the comments below.

Thanks for reading,
Josh S Peters

p.s. Klout, If I were given something like this for something I really enjoyed you couldn’t get me to shut up about it. So, If you have anything to do with horror movies, comic books, or whiskey coming up soon, I’m your man!