how johnnie made his own game

How Johnnie made his own game


Have you read Trust Agents (afl) by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith yet? If you haven’t you should go and pick up a copy today because it’s just plain brilliant. One of the keys points they talk about is making your own game. Doing things differently.

They talk about how people throughout history have made big strides in what they’ve been doing and how they have made enormous impacts just by making your their own game or changing the rules a bit of an existing game.”Recently” the Johnnie Walker company released an amazing advertisement that embodies this spirit.

Unfortunately the smallest YouTube embed is slightly larger than my middle column here so it over flows a bit, I apologize, but I promise you the message told in this truly amazing piece of story telling won’t be lost.

Here was someone who saw the game, changed the rules, and made it his own.

Putting aside the the Trust Agent aspect of this video I want to make a comment on the other aspect that makes this video so great. Storytelling.

One of the key points to successfully using social media for your company is to tell your story. If you don’t know what that is, figure it out. This video is one of the best examples of a company telling it’s story in an interesting and compelling manner.

What do you think?

If Johnnie Walker were alive today would he use social media to continue making his own game and telling his story? Are you?

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