Unboxing the The Toshiba Thrive with Android. Lots of Pictures and Excellent Customer Service

Behold, the Toshiba Thrive powered by Android. No longer will I be Tweeting from bed using a silly phone, no sir (or mam) I have upgraded to a Tablet. The most advanced and awesome android tablet on the market right now.

The Thrive comes with an SD card slot, Mini USB, USB 2.0, HDMI out, great speakers, and dual cams. This thing rocks in all the right ways. I’ve already used a USB drive to move large spreadsheets from my computer to the Thrive for meetings and the Quickoffice suite that comes with it did a great job of displaying them.

When it came to setup, it was the easiest one I’ve ever had. Since I already have an Android phone all I had to do was enter my GMail address and password, connect to the wifi and make a sandwich. After I had eaten my meal my tablet was all setup. It downloaded the apps I have on my phone, imported my contacts, pictures, etc.  All I had to do was organize the desktops how I wanted and it was ready to go.

I love the Toshiba Thrive, I truly do, but it’s accessories just plain suck. The case for it is bulky, awful, and powered by Velcro. It’s not very sexy and makes it look HUGE. This is the one area that iPad jealousy creeps in. I just hope that it does well enough that Zagg and Logitech make a keyboard & case combo like they did for the iPad. That would really make my little day.

That being said, this setup has been wonderful so far. I use it on the bus, in meetings, in bed, in my living room, at my desk… pretty much everywhere. The keyboard has helped reduce the frustration that typing on a touchscreen with giant man fingers brings. However, I would like to have the case and the keyboard be in one nice little package… damn you iPad and your Barbie like ability to have the best accessories.

Right now this is where the Thrive is sitting. On my desk, in the dock, while I use this lovely little wireless keyboard to conduct this post on it. If you’re wondering what the blurry square in the top left of the screen is it’s my calendar that I’ve edited. Besides just looking great, the plethora of apps and it’s incredibly intuitive design has made it an instant productivity booster. All of your wireless controls and major settings are available by touching the lower right corner and can even set it to airplane mode from there. Quick and painless, just the way I like it.

To say that I haven’t had any buyers remorse would be a lie, but the amazing crew at Toshiba quickly took care of that. On the 2nd day I owned this delicious digital device I couldn’t get the Thrive to awake form standby mode and it required a reboot each time it was left alone for just a few an hour or more. This got me worried so I went to the Toshiba Thrive forums and found others withe the same problem.

After posting there and giving my contact info to the admin I was contacted via phone by someone at Toshiba and they offered to send me a brand new Thrive in exchange for the one with the intermittent problem so their engineering team could see what was causing it to happen. I can’t argue with customer service like that. It’s a Gen 1 device and so I’m not expecting it to not have a minor glitch or two, and it’s honestly great to see such proactive customer service.

The Thrive is 10.1 inches, comes in 8 Gig, 16 Gig, and 32 Gig (aff), it has some incredible video and audio acceleration and enhancement features, and I can’t wait to use it on my next client travel or conference. In this humble Toshiba fan boy’s opinion is worth every penny.

Do you have a Tablet? What kind, how do you use it, and what are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading,
Josh S Peters

Klout is giving away free stuff

Franklin And Bash KloutKlout has been giving away free stuff for a while now, but it seems to have really amped up lately. In just the last couple weeks I’ve revived a free download of an Indie film I haven’t finished (wasn’t very good), a leather bound folder for Franklin and Bash, and a really awesome survival kit promoting Falling Skies.

The Franklin and Bash kit came with the folder pictured here (which I’m using at work right now) and a copy of the first 2 episodes on DVD. After watching it my first thought was “It’s good to see Zack Morris doing something with his life. I’m sure Mr.Belding would be proud”. Which was followed by “OH! That’s the nervous guy from Road Trip“.

Decent show, but not really my thing and since it’s not on Hulu I won’t be watching it. I don’t have cable. On purpose.

When I moved to CA from UT I cancelled my DirectTv and didn’t sign it back up when I moved into my new place. I realized how much time I was spending just sitting on the couch and it began to bother me so I canceled it. Now all I have is a spare laptop hooked up to my tv with Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, and PSN. Which brings me to the secondary point of this post.

Play to your audience

I think TNT is really hurting themselves by not hosting full episodes on their site or on Hulu. They’re trying to create buzz for a new show and give it a fighting chance. They’ve sent out these great promo packs to people who have been deemed influential online, but everything that was delivered in the pack is for use offline (unless illegal pirating tactics are employed). We can’t host a preview party for our online friends, or share the DVD with them to watch and get them interested.

The mediums are all wrong. TNT wants people who are very active online (which is how you get Klout), live, work, and network online to get excited and involved with an offline product. There is a disconnect between why you selected them and what you want them to do and this will become an increasingly bigger issue every day.

More and more TV’s are getting hooked up to the internet, more people are ditching their cable (I work with several who did it this year), and computers are quickly becoming the device that’s used for everything when it comes to entertainment. If you’re not playing to that as a strength, then it’s one of your weaknesses.

What do you think? Should I stop analyzing the process, just enjoy my free leather binder, and shut the hell up or do you think I have a point? If you’re going to try and leverage online influencers should you be catering to that niche, or should you be asking them to come to you? I want to hear your opinion in the comments below.

Thanks for reading,
Josh S Peters

p.s. Klout, If I were given something like this for something I really enjoyed you couldn’t get me to shut up about it. So, If you have anything to do with horror movies, comic books, or whiskey coming up soon, I’m your man!

Olivier Blanchard owes me a highlighter, Social Media ROI Review

Social Media ROI ReviewWARNING! This book drains highlighters faster than a semester of advanced college classes. Which means it’s good so go buy it now! (aff)

If Olivier’s name sound familiar to you that might be due to the guest spot he has in Twittfaced. Before his solo debut he wrote a bonus chapter for Jacob Morgan and I in our first book covering this same subject.

With his book, Social Media ROI (aff), Olivier Blanchard makes the case for social media a sa company wide initiative and then follows up that case with examples, case studies, frameworks, and measurement tips. It really is one of the best books on social media I’ve read and by a very slim margin (aff) it’s the best one I’ve read this year.

Despite it’s size (320 pages single spaced and smallish type) it was a quick read and almost every page held insights or led me down paths that helped clarify my own thinking on social media ROI. It truly is the best book out there on the subject, and it’s not even 100% about ROI. In fact ROI is only covered in a few pages at the end of the book.

ROI is one of the least talked about subjects in the book (especially when compared to customer service). Really this book should be called “Social Media in a box: The book”. Over the course of 320 well written pages Olivier lays out a foundation for creating an effective social media program in your company. He setups up a fantastic framework and will get you going in the right direction before setting you loose to create something amazing in your company.

This isn’t a “use these tools and you’ll be a star” kind of book. This is much more about about the strategies, best practices, and planning. Think of it as a giant Social Media How-To that spans multiple departments and will help your company go from doing social to being social and then make the final evolutionary step to a social business. But it doesn’t stop there.

After he’s blown your mind with all of the possibilities, he shows you how to qualify and quantify your data. The last section of the book is where Oliver gets into more of the granular details about measuring your social media program’s success. He talks about it through the entire book, but the last section is where he drives it all home and the book earns it’s name. Which really is the point. You can’t truly assess social media ROI until you have a program in place that works and makes sense.

My biggest take-away from the book is that before you quantify your data you need to take your time and qualify your data. Figure out what kind of information your stakeholders need and what kind of reports they will need to determine success and keep your program funded. Once you have that then it’s time to quantify the data and tie to revenue or cost saving measures where appropriate.

I seriously can’t recommend this book enough, go get it today!

Olivier Blanchard

Thanks for reading,
Josh S Peters

Humor can build a community, but can it build a tribe?

Humor Can Build A Community But Can It Build A TribeOn the New Mix Marketing blog I posed a question I had after reading Seth Godin‘s book Tribes (aff link). In the book he has collected a great set of examples, but there was distinct lack of entertainment industries listed. Is this because you can’t build a tribe around something as intangible as laughter?

Take a look at Humor Can Build A Community, But Can It Build A Tribe? and let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading,
Josh S Peters


The Hedgehogging Social Media Bus

The Hedgehogging Social Media BusOn the New Mix Marketing blog I introduced a very wordy concept based on the book Good To Great (aff link) that takes the two core concepts from the book and applies them to your social media program.

The Hedgehog concept is basically digging in and finding what you can be the best at and doing it. The Bus concept is that in order for you to be able to do that well you will need to get the right people working with you.

Both concepts are important when it comes to launching a social media program inside of your company. Take a look at The Hedgehogging Social Media Bus and let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading,
Josh S Peters

The Social Reflection Theory

The Social Reflection TheoryOn the New Mix Marketing blog I posted about an idea that I’ve had rattling around in my head for quite a while now. Something that I have been seeing indicators of more and more is how social media plays into more than just the popularity of your business, but it’s future.

There are some interesting correlations to how active a company is in social media and it’s stock prices which is often used as an indicator of the companies health and it’s future. It’s not a solid statement of that, but an indicator none the less.

We’re really just at the beginning of seeing how this new evolution of communication is going to affect companies and their futures. Take a look at The Social reflection Theory and let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading,
Josh S Peters


The Building Blocks Of Social Media Campaigns

The Building Blocks Of Social Media CampaignsWe all want to be the success story of the year. We all want to be the creators of Will It Blend, Old Spice Guy, etc. but the truth is the chances of it happening are very low. Think about it, there have tens of thousands (if not millions) of people trying to do the same thing everyday. Many of them have great ideas, but then they fail to make a significant impact because they often lack the basics to really start and build on any momentum.

Today on New Mix Marketing I did a post on The Building Blocks Of Social Media Campaigns to help you prep for the big ideas, campaigns, and spends. Do these things and you’ll give yourself a better than average chance of getting your campaign noticed by an audience outside of your initial reach.

Thanks for reading,
Josh S Peters

The Button Wars, Coming To A Blog Near You

Button Wars Texas Chainsaw MassacreThere is a war on the horizon comprised of battles for your clicks and it will be played out thousands of times a day on blogs across the world. As with all online battles for clicks and notoriety,lately, we have Facebook to blame for starting this.

It started with Facebook’s Like button. A way to quickly share the things you found significant (or at the very least interesting) with your friends, fans, followers, and family. Not to be out done, Twitter created the Tweet Button, and earlier this year Google introduced it’s flag ship button the oddly named+1 Button.

Add to this little button battle services like Share This (implemented here at Shuaism) that tie in dozens if not hundreds of services and bloggers have had some interesting decisions on their hands lately.

So far it’s been a mostly civil exchange of words with a few border skirmishes popping up here and there, but that’s all changing and the Button Battles have begun.

Google’s bonuses are hinging on their social success this year so we can expect some big changes and innovations happening to this button.

Twitter has a new Follow Button that will be competing with the others to give some love to not just the content , but the content creator.

Facebook has a new Send Button because it believes that sometimes we actually do want some privacy. Isn’t that a strange concept?

We also now have Klout entering the ring with it’s +K Button. If someone “influences you” on a topic you can give them a +K… yup, sounds good to me.

What’s next? Where’s it going? When will it end? I expect it’s only a matter of time till we start seeing a +Y button from Yelp, a +GG button from Get Glue, a +D Button from Delicious, and so on.

If this thing keeps escalating I might have to move to Canada and sit this one out while overzealous bloggers fill their blogs with so many things to click and calls to action that the actual content gets drowned out. But while this thing is still in Button Battle mode and it isn’t sweeping the internet like the latest Justin Bieber video I’ll just gather a year supply of my favorite energy drink, a pallet of beef jerky, and watch the horizon for signs of the coming Button Wars.

Thanks for reading,
Josh “Shua” Peters

How I see Social Media





FREE Search and Social webinar with Marketing Sherpa

The Search AgencyTomorrow (Thursday the 28th) I will be doing a FREE webinar with Marketing Sherpa along with Grant Simmons from The Search Agency. We’re going to be covering search, social, and the future of the two together. This is going to be  a great webinar and I hope you can attend. If not, it will be recorded and available after the fact, but you need to sign up for the Search And Social Webinar today to get that recording!

Also, on NMM I’ve asked the question if humor can build a tribe. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Josh “Shu” Peters

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