goldman sachs says social media has little effect on buy

Goldman Sachs says Social Media has little effect on what you buy

Goldman Sachs Social Media PollRecently Goldman Sachs decided to do a poll to achieve who knows what. The question was vague, the demographics not released, and just about all other pertinent info was never given out. Basically this was a terrible poll done with no real objective as far as they have released or that I could see or could find.

It was even released as saying that it was Facebook who was at fault even though Facebook isn’t expressly asked. Let’s be honest, this was a terrible terrible terrible vague and pointless poll.

Taking this in mind I’ve put the exact same poll up at New Mix Marketing so we can see how YOU would answer the same poll.

Goldman Sachs says  Social Media has little effect on what you buy – NMMBLog

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  • Ari Herzog

    Forget the poll. Goldman Sachs is correct. I elaborated this with an eMarketer study at that indicates the value of a Facebook fan (to a company) is not about purchasing the product but brand loyalty. In other words, the fact you like a FB page doesn’t translate you will buy their product.

  • Josh Peters

    True, it won’t force you to buy their products, but how many brand pages do you like that you don’t actually like or use their product in the first place? I’ll never like Pepsi’s page because I don’t like their product. However social networks (more specifically the people I”m connected to on them) definitely influence certain areas of my shopping habits.

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