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The Button Wars, Coming To A Blog Near You

Button Wars Texas Chainsaw MassacreThere is a war on the horizon comprised of battles for your clicks and it will be played out thousands of times a day on blogs across the world. As with all online battles for clicks and notoriety,lately, we have Facebook to blame for starting this.

It started with Facebook’s Like button. A way to quickly share the things you found significant (or at the very least interesting) with your friends, fans, followers, and family. Not to be out done, Twitter created the Tweet Button, and earlier this year Google introduced it’s flag ship button the oddly named+1 Button.

Add to this little button battle services like Share This (implemented here at Shuaism) that tie in dozens if not hundreds of services and bloggers have had some interesting decisions on their hands lately.

So far it’s been a mostly civil exchange of words with a few border skirmishes popping up here and there, but that’s all changing and the Button Battles have begun.

Google’s bonuses are hinging on their social success this year so we can expect some big changes and innovations happening to this button.

Twitter has a new Follow Button that will be competing with the others to give some love to not just the content , but the content creator.

Facebook has a new Send Button because it believes that sometimes we actually do want some privacy. Isn’t that a strange concept?

We also now have Klout entering the ring with it’s +K Button. If someone “influences you” on a topic you can give them a +K… yup, sounds good to me.

What’s next? Where’s it going? When will it end? I expect it’s only a matter of time till we start seeing a +Y button from Yelp, a +GG button from Get Glue, a +D Button from Delicious, and so on.

If this thing keeps escalating I might have to move to Canada and sit this one out while overzealous bloggers fill their blogs with so many things to click and calls to action that the actual content gets drowned out. But while this thing is still in Button Battle mode and it isn’t sweeping the internet like the latest Justin Bieber video I’ll just gather a year supply of my favorite energy drink, a pallet of beef jerky, and watch the horizon for signs of the coming Button Wars.

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Josh “Shua” Peters

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  • Matt Blank

    I think ShareThis wins out the most. Why clutter your page with a million buttons (and risk alienating that one reader who uses obscure Service X) when you can put one button (or one button and a few prominent services) that encapsulates them all? The more buttons that companies come out with, the stronger ShareThis becomes.

  • http://www.shuaism.com Josh Peters

    I agree with you in spirit, but there are 2 things I see that could make the decision harder to make.

    #1 other companies could start adding analytics to their buttons. Data such as the number of secondary likes, shares, RTs, posts, etc. past your site that your content gets.

    #2 Companies could not allow Share This to connect to them and so if you want the functionality and perceived benefits of buttons like +K or +1 you have to make the decision on which ones to install.
    It would be better for all mankind if they would allow Share This to add them to their list and if they end up offering stats it would be a good opportunity for Share This to have a larger dashboard offering for paid accounts, but that’s a rabbit hole of a conversation on it’s own.