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Mashable guest post: 30+ FaceBook Apps for Doing Business on FaceBook

FaceBook as over 150 million users and it’s growing! Mom’s, dad’s, kid’s, crazy aunts who ruin every holiday and yes even businesses are flocking to FaceBook these days. Not just businesses either but business professionals from Lawyers to Social Media Consultants are finding new ways to use this amazing utility.

Developers are recognizing that fact and working to make apps to fill the voids left after you’ve thrown a snowball at the same person 1,000 times. The fact is that FaceBook can and is being used for business and being able to use it as a full service business out post is becoming vitally important to it’s users.

Whether you’re a seasoned FaceBook veteran, someone trying it out for the first time, or someone looking to get more out of your FaceBook experience there is something here for everyone. Click on this link and head on over to Mashable to read this article.

30+ Apps for Doing Business on FaceBook

Thank you for reading,
Josh “Shua” Peters

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p.s. I apologize for putting this up so late, I had two guest posts go live today so I was going to put this one up in afternoon but BlueHost “took my server down for maintenance” (of all the freakin’ days right?) and it didn’t come back up till I was away from my computer. So apologies all around and enjoy the post!

Let’s all do the social media evolution

By kevindooley

By kevindooley

Social media requires a shift in perception. It’s not a channel to shout through, it’s not push marketing, and it’s not just a promotion outpost. It’s also not a revolution. Social media is an evolution, and I truly believe that.

The world of communications, marketing, advertising, pr, customer service, tech support, and every other public facet of business is changing.

Is it all social media’s fault that business is changing? No, the economy has something to do with it. Normal evolution of business and it’s tactics is partly to blame, and then there’s us. The customer. We’re also to blame. We want more from companies than a flashy product before we part with our hard earned cash. More communication, more personal interactions, and more ways of interacting with companies.

This is where the shift was born.

With social media comes a shift in perception. The evolution of concepts we’ve held to for years. We are entering the age of Permission marketing and cafe shaped conversations. We the unwashed masses are beginning to expect these kinds of interactions. So why are so many companies getting punk’d by social media?

It’s simple. They don’t want to change. They want to apply old metrics to new media and it just doesn’t compute. Social media requires looking at it all from a slightly different vantage point. A complete evolution of concepts.

Marketing is no longer about shouting, it’s about conversations.

Customer service is no longer about AHT, it’s about showing you care.

Customer feedback is no longer about anonymous calls from third party vendors, it’s about direct communication with more intimate methods.

I believe one of the reasons businesses are so weary of social media is because it’s “new” and new = scary. I’m here to tell you social media is nothing new. It’s just concept evolution, and my prediction for the new year is that we’re going to see more companies giving it a go, will you be one of them?

Thank you for reading,
Josh “Shua” Peters

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