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Olivier Blanchard owes me a highlighter, Social Media ROI Review

Social Media ROI ReviewWARNING! This book drains highlighters faster than a semester of advanced college classes. Which means it’s good so go buy it now! (aff)

If Olivier’s name sound familiar to you that might be due to the guest spot he has in Twittfaced. Before his solo debut he wrote a bonus chapter for Jacob Morgan and I in our first book covering this same subject.

With his book, Social Media ROI (aff), Olivier Blanchard makes the case for social media a sa company wide initiative and then follows up that case with examples, case studies, frameworks, and measurement tips. It really is one of the best books on social media I’ve read and by a very slim margin (aff) it’s the best one I’ve read this year.

Despite it’s size (320 pages single spaced and smallish type) it was a quick read and almost every page held insights or led me down paths that helped clarify my own thinking on social media ROI. It truly is the best book out there on the subject, and it’s not even 100% about ROI. In fact ROI is only covered in a few pages at the end of the book.

ROI is one of the least talked about subjects in the book (especially when compared to customer service). Really this book should be called “Social Media in a box: The book”. Over the course of 320 well written pages Olivier lays out a foundation for creating an effective social media program in your company. He setups up a fantastic framework and will get you going in the right direction before setting you loose to create something amazing in your company.

This isn’t a “use these tools and you’ll be a star” kind of book. This is much more about about the strategies, best practices, and planning. Think of it as a giant Social Media How-To that spans multiple departments and will help your company go from doing social to being social and then make the final evolutionary step to a social business. But it doesn’t stop there.

After he’s blown your mind with all of the possibilities, he shows you how to qualify and quantify your data. The last section of the book is where Oliver gets into more of the granular details about measuring your social media program’s success. He talks about it through the entire book, but the last section is where he drives it all home and the book earns it’s name. Which really is the point. You can’t truly assess social media ROI until you have a program in place that works and makes sense.

My biggest take-away from the book is that before you quantify your data you need to take your time and qualify your data. Figure out what kind of information your stakeholders need and what kind of reports they will need to determine success and keep your program funded. Once you have that then it’s time to quantify the data and tie to revenue or cost saving measures where appropriate.

I seriously can’t recommend this book enough, go get it today!

Olivier Blanchard

Thanks for reading,
Josh S Peters