Blogging is something I really enjoy doing and as I continue branching out online and growing my personal and professional brand. Here I’ve collected all the places and guest posts I’ve done all over the web.


Shuaism (this one) – Social Media and Internet Marketing are the focus on this blog

Tumblr – This is my unprofessional personal blog and where I write about all the other stuff that interests me.

Posterous – Social Media, Internet Marketing, and other internet stuff. Where I collect and comment on things more in the vein of Shuaism, but less meaty in the content.

RoyalAnts – This is a start-up I was a part of and I did the vast majority of the text based blog posts found on the site.

I have written on several other blogs as the head blogger, but they are no longer up.

Guest Posts

Chris Brogan – Getting People to Talk Behind Your Back

Jacob Morgan – Features and Benefits List

Mark Goren – Guest posts and articles

Peter Korchnak – Surveys and polls: Can you read people?

Mashable – 30+ Apps for Doing Business on Facebook

Mashable – HOW TO: Make Facebook Your Company Newsroom

Mashable - HOW TO: Optimize Your Social Media Marketing <- Was the trending story of the day

Utah Pulse – Chat Away Inside the Corporate Firewall with Yammer

Utah Pulse –  Integrate your social media marketing

The Denver Egotist – Toyota Shamefully “Borrows” Image from Local Denver Photographer

Social Media Club of Salt Lake City – The Challenges of hiring for Social Media

Social Media Club of Salt Lake City – Integrating Social Media with Offline Marketing

Utah CEO – Giving It Away Can Pay (Published in the March issue)
What to consider before hiring for social media (part 1)
What to consider before hiring for social media – 10 things to look for (part 2)
What to consider before hiring for social media (part 3) – 10 things to avoid

Popular syndicated posts

50+ Ways to Search Twitter

The GAP, ROI, and Awareness

The 5 C’s of Nurturing the Human Element in Social Media

How to increase your blog readership and Twitter following

Twitter filters would increase conversational value and lower costs

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