My first week at The Search Agency pt 5

The Royal TenenbaumsThe title is a bit of  a misnomer in this case because I’m not actually at the The Search Agency today. It’s Friday and that means I’m hoboworking in the Monrovia / Arcadia / Sierra Madre area. Hopping from one wireless hub to the next  and fueled by good coffee, great music, and relaxing in the “small town” environments of this area of CA.

I have to say, this definitely helps with the adjustment from being on my own to in an office. The fact that every Friday I can resume my old work habits of working where ever I want when I want that day is nice, and it’s another example of why I think The Search Agency has been so successful, they actually care about their employees time.

Every Friday you are able to work from home if you live outside of a certain mileage to help relieve some of the stress that commuting in this part of the country can cause (my 44 mile & 1.5 – 2 hour commute gets old real fast). The need for getting up early and rushing through a morning routine just to get stuck in traffic is gone and replaced with having a nice sit down breakfast at a local dinerfollowed by a couple hours of listening to Pandora and working from a local coffee shop. Or I can put on a movie I’ve seen a million times and write strategy documentation from my couch.

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Now the question that should follow this is… what’s the value to the business? Why would they allow their employees to run wild one work day per week?

Employee Benefits

  1. Instead of taking a whole day off of work to make it to the doctor’s, dentist, oil change, etc. You can just wait till Friday, go to your local service location and then enjoy some coffee and spreadsheets after / while waiting.
  2. One less day of the “daily grind”, traffic, and meetings. One more day of “uninterrupted” productivity.
  3. More time with friends and family.
  4. The feeling that you have a “real job” and you can do it from anywhere just feel nice.
  5. The change of scenery is refreshing, it’s really nice to be able to look out the window and see something else.Sierra Madre

Employer Benefits

  1. Employees taking less time off for things like doctor, dentist, and car based appointments.
  2. Employees feel more refreshed and energized when they come back to work on Monday.
  3. Employees know their employer cares about them and their time.
  4. Employees see that their employer trusts them and treats them like adults. No need to constantly supervise their every action. This results in loyalty and reciprocal trust.
  5. Probably saves some amount in utilities with conference rooms, work stations, and appliances not being used (but I have no hard data on this).

For the most part the benefits of this work from home Friday setup has no real tangible benefits. It can’t be quantified on a spreadsheet, it can’t be placed on a quarterly financial review, and it can’t be used in any kind of ROI equation for investments in the work staff. It’s all about what it does for everyone mentally, it’s one of those “we know it’s good for the people so we’re going to do it” kind of things.

Does your employer do anything like this? I’d like to hear about it if they do.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll now resume normal blog posts.

Josh “Shua” Peters


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