Check this out Google Chrome users, TweetDeck has created an app, named ChromeDeck, that runs it’s multi-column twitter client in a tab. How cool is that?

Typically I use two monitors to work. On my laptop’s screen I have my email, Chrome, a note pad, and Pandora open. On my second monitor I have TweetDeck and Evernote going. For me this is how I am the most efficient, but at least 2x a week I’m not in an office. I’m out hoboworking from whatever coffee shop or cafe will have me and I’m definitely not lugging another monitor around.

On those days I’m grateful for ChromeDeck. It doesn’t slow down Chrome much, and makes one less window I have to switch between and lessens the separation anxiety when I’m away from my second monitor and all of it’s glorious screen real estate.

How Does ChromeDeck Compare to TweetDeck?
Pretty well.

Between the two I still prefer the desktop Adobe Air app,  but the Chrome version can hold it’s own. Even though it’s in a slightly different layout we still get all the features we’ve come to expect and love. Multi-column and multi-account controls, searches, and viewing lists.  It even does automatic link shortening via

In short there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try and let me know what you think about it.

Josh “Shua” Peters

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