Hunting for Social Media at the OSRM09 (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market)

ORSM09 - Outdoor Retail Summer Mmarket 09 Swag

The ORSM (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market) is a yearly event here in Salt Lake City and is a huge draw for outdoor enthusiasts and retailers alike. Get to see the newest, latest and greatest from tiny startups to mega corps like Columbia.

This year the ORSM has gotten it’s toes wet in social media and for several months before the event started it retweeted people who were talking about it. This is a great exposure for the event and for the people attending. It gives people a chanceto see who else is coming and possibly make a new friend before the event.

Typically this isn’t a social media event, but it is a real life networking event and I’m getting in thanks to my friends over at Hotcakes (go check them out). The reason I’m going (besides free stuff) is to find out what’s being done by these brands in the ways of social media and by a lesser extent internet marketing.

I’ll be there wed (today), thurs, and fri so if you see me there flag me down and say hello. Until then take a look at the ORSM09 twitter stream and tag to follow the event as it happens.

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  • Twitter: ORSM09
  • HashTag: #ORSM09

What’s cool is that since they’re using the same twitter name for the event and the hashtag when someone does a search for just the name (ORSM09) they’re going to see not only the event tag, but also the events tweets.

I’ll keep you posted and thanks for reading,


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